I have learned to be grateful.

I have learned to be grateful even when I feel sad, to think positively when I’m surrounded by negativity, to hold fast to faith even when I feel hopeless, to accept love even when I feel unlovable; because despite all the noise in my head that tell me my life is over, the sun shows up every morning and shines, reminding me that I can surely do the same. ~Margaret. M. Painter

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  1. This is so true in life,Ive learned to be greatful for the people and things i have,My body keeps fighting to take me down but i fight back,Im Greatful for the few honest and true friends i have in my life as well as some family members,I have a wonderful husband that takes care of me each and every day in him i have found my soulmate for the last 31yrs,So yes im GREATFUL for every moment of the day that i wake up to live another day,Im greatful for my BFF & Sis Meel i know she feels the same way,So Learn That Every Day You Should Be Greatful For The Things And People You Hold Dear In Your Heart & Life..Carrie♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  2. Everybody should learn this! Thank you for encouraging. And thank you Carrie for your comment. I feel kind of cognate to you!

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