I hate getting mixed signals.

I hate getting mixed signals. If you like me, tell me, if you don’t like me, don’t flirt when you’re just going to back down at the end of the day. I’m way to old to be playing guessing games. By making me jealous, it’s not going to make me fall for you or want you more. In fact, it’s going to push me away from you to the point where I won’t even care anymore. When I get my heart set on someone, that’s where it’ll stay. I’ll always be loyal to you, but relationships are supposed to be a two- way street. If you are stupid enough to throw away diamonds by picking up rocks then I’ll be smart enough to let you go. I want to know where I stand with you. I don’t want to be confused and unsure the whole time. It’s frustrating and that’s the way you’ll lose.

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  1. PEACE…Yes. Nobody likes getting Mixed Signals. BUT the thing is why is that so and how do you address it out and rectify it? Well you have to confront it, head on… you cannot sweep it under the carpet. It is going to hurt like hell but that is the BEST thing to do… either you lose or you gain momentum. The suspense is really debilitating to our health; physically, emotionally and spiritually. The good advice is to go direct talk to the person…. NOT behind a barrier (Faceless person). The person who gave you ‘Mixed Signals’….feels ‘Hot and Cold’ just as frustrated as you are, in fact more! Direct communication is the Best way to go…. sooner or later you have to find out the real truth anyway… good or bad; win or lose….. Decision Making in a CONFLICT SITUATION… CONFRONT IT, FIGHT or FLIGHT..

    Think and Reflect; Respond is the Good n Correct approach… A Sanity Healthy way 🙂
    Where’s React is the Negative Erroneous approach…’Unhealthy and Unwise’ 🙁

  2. No wonders , no if, just when and how.You motivated me with a few words till crazy and then left me with mixed signals.

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