I don’t think pain goes away.

I don’t think pain goes away. I think we make room for it. With time, love, forgiveness and healing, it eventually takes up less room. Not until then, are we able to fill up that space with a sense of peace and joy in our heart and soul. -Brigitte Nicole

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  1. I agree with you! My pain never goes away except when I am asleep. I have gotten so used to it and it is awful…
    I wish they would come up with a cure for fibromyalgia!!!

  2. When all remembrance about the one we love remains thouroughly in the heart, like the shadow following us wherever we have been, we know that there’s something will be permanently endured, despite of the time that passes by..

  3. Nice poetry…the pain demanded a room in the our heart…a little space so for us to learn from life’s experiences..

    It’s okey I believe..as long as we will not give space to grudges..

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