I am thankful for everything.

My life isn’t perfect but I am thankful for everything I have.

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  1. Your work is to open yourself, to represent each side of you and make this more and more entertaining, so it is a job where you give yourself to others.I don’t know how you manage it, but i am totally blown away from your strengths and the individuality you care.
    I myself am a big fool, it’s a time for retrospective over the past year.Not that i do it frequently, may be once in 5-10 years, the length of which becomes longer, just because i sum it up as nothing really remarkable has happened.This year is my first from a global importance and point of view.

    1. I enjoy entertaining people who think they are the most intelligent on the earth, as
      It gives me an opportunity to strengthen my infinite abilities and unfold my hidden talents.
      So if you feel you are blown away watching me give myself to others, I pity you as you have seen only a small fraction of my trust, which I keep very close to my heart!

      My trust is my only precious treasure and I will give it only to the one who has been waiting for it his entire life!

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