I am single.

I am single because I refuse to change my relationship status for someone who falls short for what I deserve. Knowing my self value, I’ve chosen to preserve a spot in my heart for someone mature enough to understand that loyalty, commitment, and honesty is a priority and not an option.

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  1. My stand EXACTLY! Without those qualities, you have NOTHING, and there is NO relationship! I will accept nothing less!

  2. This comment is beautiful. I followed it for nearly all my life.
    Now I am 57, sick, in a well chair since 2 years, rejected by my family who thanks that I am buts, not sick
    I have Chronic Syndrome since 1898
    Who might be interested by that ?
    I will finish my life alone
    I would prefer that the end comes rapidly, very rapidly !

  3. I totally agreee! I have belived for it for many years until I ‘ve got marriend BUT with the wrong person 🙁 this person shows all the good qualities that I have expect from a man at the 1st time but after getting married his is less than other men I’ve knew before…
    Now I hate the day I’ve met him and I hate all men in this world and I hate my life shared with him !!!
    What can I do now ?! he destryed me 🙁

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