I am getting too old to try to impress people.

I am getting too old to try to impress people. Either they like me the way I am, or they don’t. And that’s okay with me.

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  1. Decisions! Decisions! Yes we make them every day, and through out our lives there have been many Decisions made.
    Some made by us and some made by others that we had no control over, and those decisions have changed the direction of our lives.
    Some of those decisions we thought were right at the time, turned out to be wrong, on the other hand on reflection, some we thought were wrong turned out to the right decisions. When you think about it, today it doesn’t matter if they were good or bad at the time they were made, we can’t change them as we cannot change the past. But if you are happy and content with your life as it is today, the one your with, where you live, and everything around you is beautiful, them all those decisions that you made or were made by someone else, have turned out to be the right ones.
    What I’m trying to say is, be mindful of the decisions you make, try not to make them on the spur of the moment, as they may not only affect you but also affect others around you, remember this very moment is the beginning of the rest of your life, live it well and be happy and content with yourself,
    if your not you can make the decision to change it for the better. It’s your decision.
    After thought
    Our Ex Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser once said, “Life wasn’t meant to be easy” Well said for a millionaire.
    Some say, “It’s all sent to try us” Try us? Try us for what?
    “Don’t Worry be Happy”

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