To encourage you to keep going.
To remind you to be strong.

Published on February 18, 2017 in Picture Quotes

“I am enough. I am full of sparkle and of compassion. I genuinely want to make the world a better place. I love hard. I practice kindness.  I am not afraid of the truth. I am loyal, adventurous, supporting, and surprising. I am enough. I make mistakes, but I own them and I learn from them. And sometimes I make a lot of mistakes. But I am enough.” ~Molly Mahar


  1. JoAnna December 16, 2017 Reply


  2. Kelly December 16, 2017 Reply

    Have to remember this

  3. Susan December 19, 2017 Reply


  4. Kevin December 26, 2017 Reply

    This is NOT the place….

  5. Deb Codding March 29, 2018 Reply

    Why were my comments deleted??

  6. Deb Codding April 3, 2018 Reply


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