I am enough.

“I am enough. I am full of sparkle and of compassion.I genuinely want to make the world a better place. I love hard. I practice kindness.  I am not afraid of the truth. I am loyal, adventurous, supporting, and surprising. I am enough. I make mistakes, but I own them and I learn from them. And sometimes I make a lot of mistakes. But I am enough.” ~Molly Mahar

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  1. I won’t give up on you.Never again.I am not exchanging you for anything or anyone else.They mean nothing, never meant something.I was blinded by fear.

  2. I won’t go on that subject any further.It’s enough.I just care where we go from here.I don’t want to lose my best friend.I just want peace and understanding for my pain.I offer the same back.

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