Hurting people.

If you have to hurt other people in order to feel powerful, you are an extremely weak individual. – Bobby Mattingly.

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  1. Is there some way you can fix your “Lessons Learned” boxes to where each one can be shared separately rather than just in a post. A lot of people will NOT bother to read them the way they are. It’s more of an irritation than not even to me. + I can’t share from ❤

    1. You can share them seperatly. Click on the poster and on the bottom there is an “f” (blue) and click on it. Or you can copy and paste the poster. Or you can share it directly from the facebook page. There is a share button there too.

    1. Please contact your local DV shelter and make an escape plan. i was in an abusive marriage for over a decade, it doesnt get better.

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