How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days.


I was going to release this as my next guide however I have decided to share it instead via a post.

I want to start this article by letting you know that I am not a health guru, I’m not a fitness freak, I don’t even go to the gym, and I’m not a medical expert in any way.  I am an ordinary guy who wanted to lose a few pounds and accidentally discovered a way to do this, and I am so excited to share what I discovered as I know it can work for you too.

What I am going to tell you is not rocket science and it’s not a new discovery, many people have already benefited from the information I am about to share with you.  However, I discovered this for myself completely by accident without reading any books, without consulting a health guru and having no previous knowledge of this method for losing weight.

The simplicity of this method is what makes it so very easy for you to lose your first eight pounds.  Please do not be put off by its simplicity and please, please, please don’t dismiss it before you actually try it.  When you try it, you will see results within 1 week and after 2 weeks I know you will have lost at least eight pounds, depending on your weight to begin with of course.

Okay, let’s start by telling you the story of how I discovered this simple weight loss plan.

The story behind the guide

Only a few months ago I was struggling to keep my weight to under 212 pounds (15 st 2 Ibs), which is not that heavy but nearly 14 pounds (1 stone) heavier than I was 3 years earlier. I had been sitting around the 210 mark for about 1 year and decided I wanted to do something about it and get to the weight I was 3 years earlier.  The only exercise I was getting was walking every day for 2 miles, and I didn’t fancy going to the gym every day.  I am extremely busy with my online business and spending time with my family, which is very important to me.

I tried all kinds of diets in the past; the atkins diet, burnfat4dummies diet and just the basic diet of eating less.  Yes the diets works, but they don’t help you keep the weight off unless you make that diet a part of your every day life. We all know that the less we put into our mouths the more weight we will lose, but our minds throw up all kinds of excuses for eating less, the main one being ‘I’m bloody hungry, so I need something else to eat’.

My huge downfall is biscuits.  I can eat a pack of biscuits in one sitting, dipping up to 10 digestive biscuits into my cup of tea would take a few minutes.  A few minutes to shovel 700 calories into my mouth, that’s 1/3rd of my recommended intake!

The accidental discovery

About 9 weeks ago I discovered something that helped me lose 8 pounds within 1 week.  I was flabbergasted, and so was my wife.  I looked at exactly what I had been doing different.  I wasn’t exercising any more than normal, I wasn’t any more stressed than normal, I didn’t have a bug of any kind.  And then it hit me what I had been doing differently – Drinking water.  Now before you go and send me an email saying ‘Oh’ I know this already’, just read this guide to find out exactly how I managed to lose 8 pounds in 1 week and go on to lose 12 pounds and keep the weight off, without any real effort on my part.

I started drinking water as a way to cleanse my body, as I started feeling sluggish in the mornings.  I get up very early, around 4.30 – 5am, and always feel alert and ready to write as I am always excited to start the day online before getting ready for my day job.  For a few weeks I was still getting up at 4.30, but I was feeling a little sluggish, which wasn’t like me.  I felt bloated, and felt like I needed a good detox.  I was going to try fasting for a few days per week, just to rid myself of all the crap inside my body, but then decided I would start drinking water to clear my insides, aid my digestion and just generally feel healthier.  I was used to drinking water throughout the day, but not in any planned way, and sometimes skipped the water a lot of the days.

So I made a concerted effort to drink water every day. I started drinking water as soon as I got up, about 500ml, and again 1 hour later I drank another 500ml, during the day at lunch time (500 ml) 30 minutes before every meal I drank 250ml and  another 250ml a few hours before going to bed.  Great! It worked.  After a few days I felt less sluggish and less bloated throughout the day – job done, just keep drinking water and I would be back to my normal energetic self.  That’s what I thought, until I weighed myself 1 week later and discovered I was down to 204 pounds (14st 8Ibs).  Obviously I thought the scales were playing up and stepped off the digital scales to wait for ‘error’ to show up on the little screen, but no, everything was okay.  I stepped back on, and again the reading was 204 pounds – I shouted for my wife, who weighed herself and sure enough the scales were working okay, no anomalies, no battery losing power, no slopes in the bathroom to skew the results.  Could drinking 2 litres of water help me lose weight?

I then started to experiment.  I stopped drinking water for 1 week, only occasionally drinking it when I felt thirsty, just as before.  1 week later I was back up to 209 pounds (14st 13Ibs).  Words can’t describe how I felt, you’d think I’d discovered the lost city of Atlantis (quite fitting really).  I then went on to experiment more and ask lots of questions and done a hell of a lot of research on the many benefits of water.

As I write this, I am down to 200 (14st 4Ibs)  pounds, a full 12 pounds lighter than I was a few weeks earlier.  I have even hit 198 pounds (14st 2Ibs), which is what I weighed 3 years ago, totally amazing.  You can probably tell I was, and am, excited about this.  You have to understand I haven’t changed my diet in any way, I was still eating the biscuits, and coming up to Christmas there’s always goodies in the office to munch on.

During my research it turns out that A lot of other people have discovered the many benefits of drinking water, including to help keep your weight down.  But, I want to give you an exact plan, a very easy plan that will help you lose weight and help you keep it off.  Not only will you lose weight but you will have more energy, feel healthier and feel more alert.  All this by not really changing your lifestyle and drinking a few glasses of water every day, even if you are not exercising, not dieting, and still eating your Big Macs.

The Daily Plan

This is an extremely simple plan and one which I have followed now for around 6 weeks with huge benefits and little downside.

Time How much
As soon as you get up each morning Drink between 300 – 600ml of water
1 hour later (before breakfast) Drink between 250 – 500ml of water
After every cup of coffee/tea Drink between 100 – 250ml of water
20 Minutes before each main meal Drink between 250 – 500ml of water
2 Hours before going to bed Drink between 300 – 600ml of water
Total amount of water per day Between 1200 – 2,450ml

If you are from the US and use Oz instead of ml you can download this PDF file which a very kind reader, April Gaskins,  has made up for us.

Click here to download the PDF that April made

The amount of water you drink will depend on your current weight.  Obviously a woman of 150 pounds does not need to drink as much as a man who is 300 pounds in weight.


Why the water plan helps you to lose weight

You might be asking yourself why such a simple, plentiful, substance such as water can help you to lose weight.

In the plan you’ll notice that I’ve said as soon as you get up to drink ½ litre of water.  This is to kick start the metabolic process.  You brain does not distinguish between food and water, and treats water as food.  This means that the metabolic process is kick started as soon as you drink water in the morning and will start to use the energy to process the water.

There are many forms of metabolism going on in your body right now, but the one we are concerned about is the metabolism of fat. This is actually something that the liver does when it converts stored fat to energy. The liver has other functions, but this is one of its main jobs.

However the liver is also a close friend with the Kidneys, which need plenty of water to function properly.  If the kidneys are not getting enough water the liver goes into overdrive and does it’s own work as well as pick up the slack from the kidneys, which lowers the functioning of the liver.  The liver then can’t metabolize fat as quickly as it should therefore fat is stored.

There’s a lot more to it than that, I just wanted to give you one of the areas where water affects the body and how it can change our bodies.


Resisting the temptation not to try it

A lot of you might be thinking ‘I know that already, I’ve tried it.’  The key to using this is to keep using it, no point in doing it for a couple of days and then stopping; make it a habit.

The first few days of drinking more water will have you running to the loo more times than you’ll like, however if you stick with it you will see some amazing benefits.  Your body has been storing water for years, and the more fresh water you drink the more flushed your system will be and it will get rid of the water it was originally holding onto.  That means less water retention, less swelling of the ankles, hips and thighs and even from around the stomach area.  You will not only be flushing the body out but you will excreting all the stored water as your mind and body realize it no longer has to store water as it is getting all that it needs.  You’ll also increase your ability to hold the water and return to a normal loo routine.


Other benefits

Drinking plenty of water is also great for your skin.  It flushes out all the impurities which will leave you with a glow and a great complexion.  You’ll also notice your skin looking younger and healthier.

You also notice a difference in muscle tone. You can lift all the weights you need, but if your muscles are not hydrated you won’t see a big difference in your appearance. When you muscles that have all the water they need. they contract more easily, making your workout more effective, and you’ll look better for it.

There’s a million reasons to drink more water, but I wanted to make this about losing weight with water so I will leave it at that.

As always I would love to know what you think about this.


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  1. It sounds good!
    Like you said, what is the harm in trying.
    I am definately starting from tomorrow morning.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. For years I was a very skinny till I got to my 30’s, then my metabolism changed and I gained weight slowly going up. I noticed whenever I eat a lot of carbohydrates – my stomach bloats, retain water and felt sluggish. I don’t sleep well either.

    Do you end up with flabby skin once the weight has dropped off? What about the Orange peel effect? Does that go?

    Interested to know.

  3. Thanks for this one. Actually ive read this many times from d past but i only did just reading not doing in following it. But now i really should try this one. Really need to lose weight.

  4. This is great article! Thank you for sharing this article. Just want to share since May 2013 I started drinking water atleast 300ml after getting up from bed. Since then up to now it is my morning routine to drink water before anything else. I’ll make sure to drink a lot of water everyday.

  5. I’ve always known water is super good for you but had no idea it could actually help you lose weight if you drink enough to really hydrate you sufficiently. I’m certainly going to follow your lead. Thanks for explaining it so well.

  6. This sounds so simple and fantastic. I mean what else could help us lose weight except for a natural drink from god that detoxifies our bodies from all impurities.
    Thanks for sharing…..

  7. I’ve just read this, but have been doing what it says for a couple of weeks for the reasons the author did it. I was 17st when i started it, now at 15.10….. It genuinely works very well indeed.

  8. really interesting, kept waiting for the catch that you had to buy a special diet pill. Really refreshing that it was plain and simple advice. If all else fails and the weight does not shift you’ve still given your body a treat by replenishing it. I am going to start it timorrow having been a total maniac with my eating, stopping smoking over the last three weeks. Should be just in time for me to fit into my dress for my Christmas Eve birthday. Thank you for sharing and encouraging.

  9. I already drink that much water during the day sometimes more. Does the timing matter then because I am not losing any weight?

    1. Inspiring indeed :o)
      I started last Saturday – feel lighter and fresher, and my cold that has lasted since September is on retreat.
      And upcoming Saturday I will check the scales again – the jeans felt looser yesterday 😀

  10. Drinking water immediately first thing in the morning helps “wake” up the organs. Another important thing is sufficient sleep because lack of sleep will affect your metabolic rate. A slow metabolism will burn fat more slowly. Don’t think that you can repay ‘sleep debt’ another day because in the long term it won’t work.

  11. Thanks! Will definitely try this plan starting tomorrow! I have heard this before and tried for a couple of days, but never on such a strict schedule. Yay!

  12. Best described article, more practical and natural. Thank you for sharing timing schedule, it`s great. I will try from today.

  13. Love this article…. Makes so much sense.
    Is it ok to drink plain old tap water or does it have to be bottled?
    Thank you x

    1. Tap or bottle, it can be either, what ever you prefer Donna. Wishing you the very the best success:)

  14. great article, simple but effective. I will be starting this tomorrow one thing we do know is water can’t harm the body so it’s a win win

  15. Hey mate. Nice article. I’m definitely gonna try this thing. Just one minor catch in your article, that brain treats water just like food. That’s not what happens mate. I’m a doctor and medical books mention nothing of that sort. But yes the probable explanation just may be increased metabolism once the water you’ve taken gets inside the intravasular and extravascular compartments of your body. Also, there’s nothing like our body’s been holding old waters for years. Intake , metabolism and excretion is a constantly working process right from our intra uterine life. But anyways, its a decent advice and I’m definitely gonna try it out. Many thanks.

  16. I already drink around 4 litres every day but my weight has stayed the same now for around 6 months, I think drinking water does work initially when wanting to loose weight but the benifits do stop eventually. In total however I lost nearly two stone.

  17. Thank you Brigette… Have started this morning and have to say I feel fresher already… Been up since 5.30! In a Saturday!!! Drank water … Walked dog.. Drank water. Ate light breakfast … Egg for protein

  18. Hi, I would like to ask, what do you think of lemon water? You know? Putting lemons into your bottled water and drink it? Des it have better effects? Do reply me on my email. Thanks!

  19. Waoo. this is wonderful. am particulary gratful that u gave a ‘fromart’ to help follow. Have heard abt water therapy for wieght lose but as i make it a point to drink water first thing every morning, i have not being to reginemented abt the amount. am statreing NOW and i pray it works just for me too. Thks

  20. everything you said here is true , after my c-section I had habit of drinking more water everyday which helped me loose 15kilos within 2months after I had lost that iwas extremely happy and that got into my head so much that I stopped drinking water frequently I have gain 5kilos back now and m willing to start the water habit again . Thank you for sharing

  21. I tried it for a couple of days but found it annoying having to rush to the loo the whole time but I have 3 days off so may give it a longer try.
    My only problem is I don’t have breakfast an hour after getting up I have it about 10mins after I get up!
    Right where’s my water bottle….

  22. Great….
    I’m actually looking for this easy lose diet…I’ve been trying so many diets too but I think I can’t say no when my tummy tell me”im hungry”
    I’ve known this water therapy diet before but I’d never been serious and even try it bcoz I hate drinking water, I only drink when I feel thirsty but this time no more,I’d actually start a bottle of 500ml now before bed time…
    I hope it works for me too…
    I’m now 58.5kls and my goal starting today is to lost those 8.5kls asap!
    Thanks for the sharer…

  23. I started this yesterday morning and I have to say I feel a major difference already….I just can’t wait to see next Friday if I have lost any weight. Wish me luck!

  24. I am motivated to try this as I have a school reunion coming up. I read somewhere that drinking ice-cold water is better because the body needs to use more calories to burn it. The only exception is during/after a meal where lukewarm water is preferable because otherwise the fat in the food congeals in the intestine.

  25. Started a few days ago and I’m noticing that my pants are loose. I’ve already told several people about this. I feel great! I don’t jump on the scales because I get too frustrated but so far this seems effective. The pdf is helpful for conversion rates.

  26. I have been following this plan since a month and have not lost a single pound… I know I’m doing something wrong.. do we have to have certain food quantity as well.. or any exercise needs to be done..??

  27. You said not to add squash – not even the sugar free ones? I want to try this but find it difficult to drink large amounts of just plain water.

  28. I really enjoyed your thoughts I am going to start this tomorrow I have been trying to lose some weight since I have gained weight since being predisone for my itp for low blood platlets

  29. It seems like a very interesting plan! I have recently increased my water intake and I believe it is making me healthier (eating less etc.) so it might work as a long term plan. No pain in trying 🙂

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