To encourage you to keep going.
To remind you to be strong.

Published on June 10, 2014 in Picture Quotes

Hope is what keeps us going in life, we hope we will be strong,  we hope we will pass a test,  we hope we will make new friends, we hope we will never lose the old, we hope someone loves us, we hope that love will find us, we hope when all seems lost, we hope when we are hurt and we hope when we cry. Never lose your hope, never give up when someone gives up on you, they may still hope as you do.


  1. Tustles Lake June 10, 2014 Reply

    Hope Courage And Faith. Are my main Words. This is so beautiful. Why are Hope Courage and Faith My main words?? Because I have to Hope this time around I will stay in Remission. Have The Courage to follow through my treatments one more time. And I always have Faith. I believe if you have Faith anything is possible. I would like to thank you for this page because you help me everyday. God Bless KTF Your Forever Friend Tustles Lake

  2. imelda bonje April 19, 2015 Reply

    I felt contented upon reading your quotes . It helps me a lot and adds guidance in my decisions in life.

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