Hope is what keeps us going in life.

Hope is what keeps us going in life, we hope we will be strong, we hope we will pass a test, we hope we will make new friends, we hope we will never lose the old, we hope someone loves us, we hope that love will find us, we hope when all seems lost, we hope when we are hurt and we hope when we cry. Never lose your hope, never give up when someone gives up on you, they may still hope as you do.

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  1. At the end of the day hope is all that we have to hold onto. Without hope – without faith -we would perish.

  2. Hope is what keep me going through….though the beat of my heart is keeping away. Its not easy and often life makes no meaning…..but it is HOPE that is whispering….one last time always.

  3. He had done great things on the special day. I felt so grateful at that moment that I wished all the best and hoping the unlast happiness only for him.

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