Honest sinner.

I would rather be known in life as an honest sinner, than a lying hypocrite

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  1. Question is: How do you want to be recognized with God? In the end, I believe God is the ONLY One who TRULY counts, as He is the ONLY One who will be judging us! As for people, I am not so concerned with what they think at all!

    My motto is: “Man In The Mirror” — Before you judge ANYONE, take a GOOD LOOK IN THE MIRROR! If you want to make a CHANGE, start with YOURSELF — Michael Jackson!

    Another good one to think about is: Whenever you are pointing the finger at someone else, there is ALWAYS THREE MORE FINGERS POINTING RIGHT BACK AT YOU!

    NOBODY on this Planet is perfect!!! The ONLY ONE I know to be perfect is God! We ALL have our issues, problems, etc., etc., etc. to fix!

    Take the ‘PLANK’ out of YOUR OWN EYE FIRST, before you can see clearly to remove the ‘SPECK’ out of someones else’s eye!

    Take Care, Keep on Pluggin’ and God Bless!

  2. But, the poster is also right! You can’t fix your problem until you can ‘recognize’ what your problem is! If you are in complete denial, nothing will change until YOU change it!

    ONLY YOU (myself included) are responsible for YOUR OWN behavior!

    And, totally agreed ….. Hypocrites are MUCH WORSE!

  3. No one is perfect. its true. but this cannot be often quoted as an escapism when we are given chances to correct our wrong doings.

    being true is more important than blaming others and calling them hypo…especially if we have made them so.

    its not wrong to move on in life. maybe priorities and likes for someone could change. (???😐😐😐😏) but its better to be honest and let the other know openly why you choose to end. rather than giving them a blame hurt and stamp them for lifetime.

    all this just because they loved you truly and trusted you for good?

  4. If a person has achieved both, do they get a first place prize? Oddly many who like to quote this and similar quotes are the ones who have been both but not willing to accept their own failings.

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