Hold on tight.

There’s going to be days when you don’t want to be here anymore. You just STAY. You stay! Somewhere out there, somebody needs your voice. I promise. I swear to God, your laughter is someone’s saving grace. Hold on tight, baby. The sun is coming for you  – Erin Van Vuren

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  1. O my gosh I SO SO needed 2 discover this web page 2day. Wow I mean WOWWW thank you 4 having it available 4 all of us. I completely believe every quote its crazy cuz its usually me or a cpl of my PALS sayin these things 2 me n let me tell u wut wen u read the words instead of just hearing them they TOTALLY come across COMPLETELY different n w WHOLE new meanings 2 them. I just needed 2 let you know that I APPRECIATE YOU making up this page n posting all of the words of wisdom along w encouragement it all helps more then YOU will ever know.

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