Here’s To The Friends We Don’t See As Much As We Wish We Could.

Here’s To The Friends We Don’t See As Much As

We Wish We Could.


When we’re young and in school or college, the close friendships we make feel as permanent as anything can be in life. It feels as though we’ll always know these people; we can’t see ourselves ever parting ways and following our own roads in life. After all, we see them virtually every day. It’s very difficult from that perspective to imagine that those relationships might one day be held in a very different context. 

But the slow and steady march of time takes its toll on all of us.

We grow up, and fully embrace all of the responsibilities, complications, and commitments that that entails. Over time, we find that we no longer live as close to our friends as we once did. We find that we no longer seem to have as much free time as we once did. We’re always busy with work, or with family, or with some other facet of our extremely complex and intricate lives. 

It seems as though for most of us, a sad fact of life is that the older we get, the less often we get to see our friends. 

So, this is for the friends that we no longer see almost every day. This is for those friends who we can go months without seeing, but still feel as though we pick up from where we left off last time every time we meet. This is for the friends who know us better than anyone, who have seen us grow and change and learn and become the people we are today. This is for the friends who’ve seen us at our best and worst moments; the people who we trust above anyone else.

Here’s to the friends from back before life exploded, from before we pressed the gas pedal to the floor and sped off on our own journeys into the world. Here’s to the ones who we spent crazy nights and hungover mornings with, the ones who made us laugh until we cried at 4am on someone’s living room floor. 

This is for the people who we don’t text all the time, but who we know will pick up their phone when it rings in the middle of the night if we need them. This is for the ones who understand how hectic life is, and don’t take it personally when our calendar is too full to be able to commit to plans; the ones who know that just because you don’t see each other as much as you used to doesn’t mean that any love has been lost. 

These are the friendships that last; the ones that we treasure and cherish until the very end of our days. They are the ones that remind us of who we are, and who in some ways we know better than we know ourselves. 

This is for the friends who we’ve come a long way beside, and who we know we’ll go on together with, even if we don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like to.

Written by Maverick, Staff writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc. ©

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