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Published on March 9, 2016 in Picture Quotes

You don’t walk away if you love someone. You help the person.  ~ Hillary Clinton


  1. Kevin March 9, 2016 Reply

    Like Benghazi???

  2. Pearl Lederman March 9, 2016 Reply

    thats a good point, i like that one

  3. Petya September 5, 2017 Reply

    I miss you.

  4. Petya October 2, 2017 Reply

    I fell in love with you when I couldn’t take anymore Bulshits from Faith.How much power have I gave away to resist faith and instead it sents me all that I need to be happy – my friend and support in life.You have always been good for me.I was too.We aren’t a mess.I am sorry, I am so sorry for getting irritated and taking it all on you.I have been through so much pain that I hardly recognize happiness from it.Noone can understand me like you do.Nor expell my soul through the sunshine of it’s own felicity.Much of the time I craved for physical things -a touch, a voice.. but I couldn’t afford the big depth from the Faith.I stay to prove I have my own share in all the miracles that happened between us.Every single of it.

    • Kevin McDermott October 2, 2017 Reply

      That’s what she said to Monica.

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