Having both is just like hell.

Anxiety is when you care too much about everything. Depression is when you don’t really care about anything. Having both is just like hell.

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  1. This hits the nail on the head… !! Particularly, females are the most vulnerable and why some reach for alcohol, drugs or other numbing habits that allow us to combat this contradiction. Must find balance in healthy, wise ways…

  2. Just wondering where you got YOUR degree to make this kind of statement????? Never heard this before …..And, I know quite alot of Professionals in the business!

    1. The quote is by an “unknown” by the way. No one needs a degree either to make this quote. If they experienced it and feel it, that is all the qualifications they need.

  3. I have both. Can’t seem to get our of bed today and freaking out at the same time! Need help,though no one can. No one but me. Not sure I’m up to it.

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