“Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.”― Maya Angelou

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  1. Hate has no place in my heart and never will ever, although many many many years ago I couldn’t say that truthfully. In peace.

  2. becoming a second wife is no nonsense. i dint know its a blessing until i saw there is a wonderful gift left behind by his first wife . an angel in my life – his baby.

    a man who trusts me so much to be his wife and a mother to his baby is really blissfull.

    i dint know i can make 2 souls and a family so happy after years in their life. I m.also valued somewhere??? Vow sounds nice.

    so i have no hate on anyone. thanks to all who crushed me under their feet until now. shamed me calling mentally ill and what not. I May be waste for you but Someone Finds me needed.

    i hope things go well between families in the meeting planned soon. and we settle with each other and his(our)daughter.

    i feel proud giving that someone the rest of my life who looks upto me being there. for him. for his family. nice. i WILL give all my LOVE to such a family.

    need everyones wishes…for a great new start. and many will get a great relief from ME “a pain”. a new start for them too… isnt it fantastic…all ends well.

    1. when is this planned. all good wishes to you my darling…praying for you to end all well as you wish.

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