Happy times and love.

Some people want material things. Me, I just want peace, happy times, and people who love me

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  1. Stay safe. Self cook and eat. Don’t step out to consult. Enjoy lone time . If possible think about us. And if you ever understand what you did to me and if your ego permits text me. I will understand you want things back. Else it’s fine I respect your goodbye and maybe I won’t be able to come back sooner. Like u said I may have to bid.

    1. You must consider yourself a female embedded in a body of a man. Therefore your nick name ‘divorcee’ instead of ‘divorce’.
      You might be scared to death knowing that you might loose your life due to the pandemic, therefore begging to go back to your ‘mommy’. What a shame!!!

      I hope your heart feels the ache that you have caused me.

  2. I know.I though you think about your needs first.Lets see what is going to happen now.It is time.

  3. A “divorcee” can be a man or a woman…..that was a very rude & hateful response! We should all try kindness more!

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