Handle me with care.

If you claim to love me, show me. If you love me please do not needlessly hurt me. I have been broken countless times before yet I am still fragile. There’s no telling if the broken pieces will fit together again next time around. Do not harden me. I want to keep loving the world and the people in it. Please treat me kindly. Handle me with the care you’d give to your favorite glass. I want to love you but I can’t until you earn my trust. Do not drop me. In return I will love you as fiercely.


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  1. Fragile glass who out there . How I earn your trust when.I. don’t know what fav glass you are . Saying love to some body who hiding behind a favourite glass is not Easy .
    Time to fragile glass come clean.

  2. (Y) everyone wish to know who is this soul hiding behind a favourite glass. The best way to address this situation is to come out upfront. Peace.

  3. Shukriyah dear virtual friend for handling much care of our friendship…

    You may be gone but the moment of friendship kindness was worth the keep.

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