Good morning.

Never underestimate the power of good morning texts, apologies, and random compliments.

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  1. Good morning and I am going to have a great adventure starting today…..

    Life is to short

    Thanks to a friend! Hope all is well for you also!!!

  2. Thanks to the man who cheated me twice. you showed me my place after all. the reality of my life.

    i will be fine soon. i m doing preparations for my new life. to share my life with a man who needs someone like me for his babies. atleast he wont throw me😑 because i will be their mother and men cant take a mothers place…so atlast i will be needed by someone…

  3. Nos/Agb or whoever you became life is not always short depending on how you look at it. I’ve done many things been many places… been up been down always before got back up and will again. Yes if your reading this l thought of a future with the person you discribed your self to be… never had your email or #…all l said l felt… truth is I was visited from ED… what kind of life would that be for you…not acting on my regret when it would hurt someone else is saving you…please know in your heart and mind l would never ever do anything to hurt you and if l have l am sorrier than you could ever imagine…any pain you felt l felt it also…if you need put this truth out there as it is so be it that’s ok…can’t help what l feel… know though that l would never bother you and wish you all the prayers and happiness you truly deserve…that man who brings you happiness and fullness l wish both of you well, health and success… you were always worth it… know that… I just wished one time we would’ve talk in person. Always in peace and love.

    1. talk in person? how many times i have begged literally for this. shamelessly even called. confessed in public on internet. more than begged.

      its late now and be happy that a mentally ill person will no longer disturb you.because you deserve more better person. i will pray for you because i am true in my confessions.

      is there anything i could have done then i dont know. thx for your wishes. wishes to you too.

    2. thank you for the wishes Wow man. i am waiting for this man i m planning to marry should meet me in person before families meet.

      yeah we both will have fulfilling healthy life . but he is a little coward and shy to talk. he has twin babies at home. you cant imagine that they may have grown up to call me auntiy by now…taller than me. he is busy studying and spending time for himself and his father ceremony tomorrow. i feel this time he would meet me but lets see.but very soon i mmoving out far away with him.

      anyways let me c if your true wishes work out and he comes out open his heart to me.

      i m busy preparting for our wedding cant tell you wat and all…hmm..

    3. Hmmmm…so sweet of you Wow Man….how I wish also….

      To talk with you in person…in peace and in love…

      When you say sorry, as if we had been connected for truth once in man’s history…whatever, past events and acquaintances are part of today….golden precious moments are kept deep within my ❤…forever …no matter what…

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