Good men still exist.

I know good men still exist because I’m lucky enough to have one.

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  1. A man who cannot face reality and is scared thinking of his past actions will never be able to sleep at peace. He will keep committing mistakes after mistakes to cover one another and another.

    All he will do is cry every night to himself, miss her, apologise to himself, create pages for her and write stories, and when frustated search for a date and satisfy himself, and when he really misses her more, make sure to hurt her to the core so she is left emotionally killed and who cares she then recovers or not, dies, commits to death because he is now an animal who knows not what is happening around him.

    Ego kills relationships. And sometimes people in real too.

    Now he is truly a man who holds his head high, accepts and tells why things went wrong, asks what and why, and commits in real.

  2. All I wish is someone kidnaps me for the whole day, loves me hard, yes loves me so hard….eats with me, walks with me, makes fun, talks serious stuff, gives me a life for a day, makes me breathe life again like I did years ago, and finally drops me back home at night…And then I silently wish that it happens everyday .s…

    My last wish. To Live a day again after years. Before I embrace death.

  3. Date? He never asked me for one…I want to date lifelong with him…will he commit?

    But he dates everyone…I can’t take that.

    I want to be his only date forever. Forever. Forever. Again and over again…

    I want to have a fun filled life with him.

    And I want to be the only woman to please him, yes in all ways…and… Forever forever. So our children are envied of our love story…and we create a couple trend…

    I call this love and commitment.
    It’s called marriage otherwise.

    He looks at it like I m some moral seeking person…but it’s me .a moral talks girl whom he fell for. He thinks me very different when I m just his souls replica…he doesn’t relate…

    But he said he wants many for pleasure and will not commit to me.

    He killed me…with those words…the wound doesn’t heal…until he tells me it were not true…I din’t know he will look for pleasure from others???

    my love is not enough I understood…yes I m.unworthy…

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