Good for your soul.

As you get older, you really just want to be surrounded by good people. People that are good for you, good to you and good for your soul.

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  1. Absolutely,

    As you get older if you are doing the work as Iyanla would say! You begin to grow and become more in tune with self. You are more likely to discern what’s real and what’s not and how important is it. It pushes you to a new level of reality some people in your circle aren’t able to identify with. Some even cannot or will not be able to accept your truth. It makes the process that much more difficult because now you know what you know and cannot continue to just let things go. Things that affect your ability to continue moving forward in a positive direction. The most difficult of all is the reality that some may not be able to continue on your journey.

    1. I needed this comment love the strength I can read in your words along with compassion for others and love of self!

  2. I am realizing this, you just dont want negative insensitive people in your life so you let go of bullies or outcomes and let them go out of your life, and find new positive and appreciative people who make you happy and joyous again, it is a lifetime learning experience

  3. This is so me right now.
    I’ve tried to help people along with being positive and valuing their own lives and what they currently have. After all, it’s just material possession and it does not matter! Sadly no one wants to jump on this path of happiness so I’ll keep it to myself!

  4. The New Yorker this week has a cartoon that I giggle to choking. A couple getting married at the altar:” Do you promise to hate the same people”.
    This may be contrary to the theme. Paul

  5. I would lile to stay with people listening and giving me exact words in situations I am. Maybe I am wrong or right in these situations . Please dont jugde me, just show me a whole picture, and let me decide which steps I should do. Of course, I will also be with them whenever they want, listen to them and give them some advice if they need. Furthermore, we can drink some cups of tea, let everything leave behind,smile,and enjoy the day with the real friends.let your soul feel free.

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