Genuine relationships.

Not everyone is going to like you. You’re not going to like everyone. It’s likely best we’re all upfront with who we are. That way, we can save time and get to those genuine relationships sooner rather than later.
-Doe Zantamata -Happiness In Your Life/Facebook page

Photography by Denise Hecht

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  1. I love this website,i look forward to seeing all your posts i share alot can relate to most all of them or someone i family or friends..looking forward to seeing more… marianne

  2. Deep in my heart, the only answer pops up is. TRUE, these are my feeling aftet reading.

  3. Now I find it.. 🙁 Just wanted to say thank you for trying to help along the way..I hope someone takes a better look before skipping around your posts and actually attempts the lessons to see where they are. Painful beyond belief, but I will survive..

  4. Thought I was pretty up-front in the beginning about ni games…guess some one was lost on that i choose to take the fall that one…it was after all, my choice right..

  5. I love how you keep it real because I believe that too. We are all not going to connect with everyone, and that’s okay. It takes too much time & energy to understand where everyone is coming from if they give off negative vibes. Just focus on your own path because it is your journey of self-discovery, people are just passing through, some are nice & others are not so nice, but it is what you choose to perceive overall. Just because some people are unkind doesn’t mean everyone is, and often times it really has nothing to do with you. Learn to be kind to yourself and know how you want to be treated. Everyone is learning themselves as well, they also don’t know better so don’t hold it against them.

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