Forgive others.

Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.

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  1. For the angel(s) that came to my support when it meant so much, never believe that l don’t appreciate it, they’re boundaries l must respect which will pain me just as much, l learned to love this site, it brought me up it brought me down, l’ll miss it. I’ll never block doors… sincerely sorry for all my ill’s…regrets l have a few…l need to move on…it’s been a long road but there’s more to go…sometimes old ones (not dogs)need advise from intelligent ones…you will always be missed… but we all climb again… with a sad heart I go…for all the Good Fathers out there…have a blessed Fathers Day.

  2. i have been forgiving you forever i know you. not for peace but fir you. you see one side and never the other side of the story. always. you have never trusted me to be true.

    i just need to know if you love me or no.

    because i dont believe in relationships made out of pity force or dishonesty. your answer will help you and me both.

    i will never ever bother you or pain you if you dont need me anymore. i did that in the past. respected your say always. never came your way let you choose your family choice when you said you prefer someone over me.

    i am honest true and plain. either be honest to continue or just quit but quit completely and move for good. i m happy for you. tell me a yes or no. but be true to “us”. dont carry me in your heart and make me moveon. or dont carry me in your thoughts and live with another. both are impossible because i have sufferred a hell – that was your gift for me 10 yrs ago. but i still wish you live one but peaceful true life.

    because my life may be too short than you can imagine ever. say your love or if your Ego…then i ll prepare myself for another hell… your second gift. because i fell for you…..

    i need yes or no. simple.

  3. And ain’t that the truth…. the one circumstance when one should really make it ALL ABOUT ME…

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