For your protection.

God often removes a person in your life for your protection. Think about that before you go running after them.

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  1. I think that may be what she was trying to do, possibly. I haven’t figured it out just yet. I still wish I could just talk to her again. Any semblance of what she’s thinking or feeling, anything. I miss her so much. It tears me apart inside. Something. Some kind of answer. Right now I only have a million different theories and a haunted heart and mind.

  2. Scott, Im just like you. I have my heart broken, I have to let him go because he has some issues that I can’t hundle . Like you I wish I heard his voice, or know that he is thinking. Is he missing me like I do miss him. I cried everyday. I pray a lot, i wish he could change his caracter, he is to proud of himself and he can be without talking to you for days. I wish I can get crazy and run to him. But my other self tells me to just turn the page and move on. They say time cure your broken heart, but for me time is so slow. I’m so sad, I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been 3 moth already. I wish God can talk to me and tell me what to do.

  3. I love and respect myself. For 9.5 years was devoted to a man with whom we shared families, finances and love. He was my best friend, my lover, my companion. He made me believe I am the same to him. Until I caught him in his lies and he was unfaithful to me… or was he unfaithful to himself?… He now lives with her. They will be celebrating 2 years together I caught them 15 months ago. He was good at lying to me or is he good at lying to himself?. I have been asking him to remove his belongings out of my home, he refuses, he has been playing games with me, I am his back up plan so he thinks. I know what the truth is… I know how I treat others. I have an emptiness in my heart, my soul…I now image my life living alone. I have many wonderful friends… most importantly I have my family by my side… He does not, his lies and unfaithfulness has left him lonely living with her. I had to walk away from his drama, his problems, i cannot be his spiritual guide any longer. He will only lie to me again and again, he will only bring me down to his level of intellect … my home is now my castle he is not welcome to enter.

  4. Guys I completely understand you, I have been there..and I do still a bit sad…but inner peace is better than the turmoil of being with a problematic person, specially if they don’t want to change. We should love ourselves too and Care for our emotional well being. What’s the point of being with a person who brings the worst on you? There is no point at all. Blessings…time will al evite your grief

  5. Just getting out of a turmoiltious abusive verbally and physically relationship with a man whom I met off the Internet and pressured and manipulated me to marry him after only knowing him for just a. Few short months….The relationship has seemed to finally have ended now and he blames me for all fault and will not own up to his extreme anger management problem…I am just trying to wrap my head around the fact that it’s now becoming more obvious that he move here and married me to gain what he thought would be financial security…..It really sucks to wake up and realize that you were just being used and manipulated and never loved..How does one ever learn to trust and love again…signed Heartbroken in Texas?

  6. He is a us army veteran with pts isues. I fell in love with him at work. I loved him with all his issues, he had a nice personality at the beggining, then he changed. He starting blaming me for everything.I tried hard to understand his medical conditions, his mood swings but finally after years of frustration I left him.
    Sometimes he come to my mind and I cry. I love too much with high expectations.My mistake.

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