Feel the difference.

As you get older, you can energetically feel the difference between people who love you and those who care at their own convenience.

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  1. My Husband left after 28yrs. ,My Energy and Intuition is very Atuned ,I can feel all emotions ,Neg. and Positive, I can sense Dishonesty ,Cheaters and Vibrations , I can feel all. I am Confused and on edge ,I ask God Arch Angel Micheal to help me ,And Guide me ,I am so lost , This is so new.

    1. The EMPATH in you is emerging. Let it, and allow it to teach you. DO NOT let these new found senses engulf the “self”. Empaths can often become overwhelmed by the emotional and mental energy of others. Feel…let go…REPEAT! Do not hold onto the often powerful energy that can seem to explode from others. Leave room inside for yourself. YOURS, is the most important energy that flows in you. Let others energy, flow through you.

  2. I dont know why you are feeling kike this but you need to understand that love is an abundant pool that we all have inside of us to share with you. I lov e you and even if you do not beleive me I will still love you. You are amazing. Sharon I have a strong intuition too and I am very confused. I wish we could hold hands and give each other a hug right now. I wish we could be beside each other helping each other and talking. Are you online right now? My name is Sasha as you can tell. I am from Jamaica. Where are you from?

  3. Soo true I have experienced this all my life yes “literally” ALL MY LIFE ! Starting in foster care at age 3 then continued into adolescence when my mother who I met twice decided she wanted me back? Why, just for the income of a monthly ck from Social Ser.
    Who dropped me off and sped away! I left on my own at 18 graduated HS 3 months later and learned my independence along the way but seemed to attract the “at their convenience”
    friends & relationships I learned how to feed my soul very early in life so now I cherish only those few people who have and continued to cherish me ♡
    cherished me

  4. Yes,to believe yourself is the first step of loving me,and that comes with the knowledge how much I love you..Trust yourself,believe me !!I have love for you.

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