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Published on April 25, 2015 in Picture Quotes

I hope you fall in love with someone who always calls you back and never lets you fall asleep making you feel unwanted. I hope you fall in love with someone who holds your hand during the scary parts of horror movies and burns cookies with you while you’re both busy dancing around the kitchen. I hope you fall in love with someone who tickles you and makes you smile on hard days and on easy ones. But beyond all that I hope you fall in love with someone who will never leave you behind and who will never take you for granted. Someone who will stand by you when you’re right and stand by you when you’re wrong. Someone who has seen you at your worst and loves you still. I hope you fall in love with someone who kisses you in the rain and hugs you when you’re cold and wouldn’t have it any other way.


  1. Ganapathi April 25, 2015 Reply

    I have had such a special person in my life but unfortunately that she couldn’t be with me for my life

  2. cindy April 25, 2015 Reply

    I found the love of my life when i turned 50. I was planning on spending my life with him but he was taken from me…

  3. Johnson April 25, 2015 Reply

    i don’t love anybody. i love myself .

  4. Raffi April 25, 2015 Reply

    i think i fall in love with somebody across the ocean , someone in UK. so happy ,

  5. Buti Jayden April 25, 2015 Reply

    lovely love <3

  6. Rahul April 25, 2015 Reply

    I love u sonu. mohabat.

  7. Mary Stankewoich April 26, 2015 Reply

    A good listener,patient and endearingly loves to cuddle, hold hands and express their feelings openingly and honestly if they want a real relationship. Needs the soft tender strength that a woman needs to feel, loved, safe and special. I hope there are some men that are still available

  8. cheryl April 26, 2015 Reply

    I’ve truly known and experienced real love in my life, unfortunately I didn’t know how rare that is in life. I have a real fear that I will never know love again.

  9. Gopal August 18, 2015 Reply

    If u love someone don’t talks each other,don’t meet each other. Some times Only

  10. TC October 3, 2015 Reply

    Falling in love and finding in each other to forgive when the trials of life come around to be each others anchor during the storm then to be the upper shroud and the lower shroud to be the mainsail when the storms pass. Partnership with togetherness is a joint duty to be the missing link for one another. Being in love is the grestest feeling in the world in heaven you will always be in love with in love with eternity and immortality. WOW. Can’t wait.

  11. Monica May 27, 2019 Reply

    I was married to this Someone for 21 years and He just passed away. I miss Him so much!!! I was 29 when I found true love. I AM 51 now and don’t believe I will ever love someone again like I did in my marriage for 21 years. Now I can only imagine loving myself for the rest of my life.

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