Fall in love with me.

If you’re going to fall in love with me, don’t fall in love with my Sunday best. Don’t fall in love with the way I look after spending hours getting ready or my fakest smile or freshly done hair. Fall in love with my body, the way it widens quite a lot around my hips and how I will never have the perfect figure and how I honestly don’t really care. Fall in love with my impatience, my jealous moods and the times that I don’t feel anything at all and fall in love with how sometimes I act like a child while other times I can be the most mature. Fall in love with my scars, my marks, and all the things that makes me far less than perfect and fall in love with all that I consider a flaw. Fall in love with me as a whole or don’t fall in love with me at all.

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  1. Yes, fall in love with me with me because these things that I think are my faults are actually my strengths. Don’t pity me with your love and then love me in spite of these things. Love me with these attributes as your favorite things. And someday if I die before you, you will miss these things about me the most…and I of course will be waiting for you in heaven because you are my true and everlasting love!

    These words are by Cynthia Schoenbauer and will be published in her new book. Thank you Brigette because you inspire me to hold on to my passion and love of self.

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