Facing it, that is how you get through.

Give yourself time to be sad, frustrated, and angry. Give yourself time to heal, accept, and to grow. Time doesn’t erase anything, but it can provide you with enough space to be able to breathe again. And then one day you wake up and your heart has a little bit of sunshine in it. And day by day people offer you pieces of their hearts to help remake your own. Allow yourself to be where you are at, to feel what you are feeling, and to experience everything that means. And during this process, look and listen for that glimmer of hope. It is there, I promise. And it is waiting for you to see it. Because one of the most beautiful things about humans is their capacity to heal, grow, and survive.
Facing it. That is how you get through.
Jessica Jensen


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  1. i was in a position were i have to live everythng ang run away bt aftr i read this,i felt somethin good and i had somethin sayin to me’is your chance don’t run’.am honoured with this massege.
    i can stand for my self now and i wil fight.thank you jessica

  2. I fix me with this idea.” Facing it that is how you get through. ” I am the one who don’t like facing trouble and run away, keep silence ,being hurt, being paint . my recent way make me become weaker day by day. I will try me to experience this less ion giving by you…thank o lot.

  3. WOW, I went through 16yrs of Therapy,Psyciatrist to feel sad,mad,anger, hurt, Fear you name .Ben I call{{head meads} It was the hardest thing I needed to do but at the end of the day I love myself other people, my Children To make a 18page story aim writing a book if I can reach 1person to go from VICTIM TO SURVIVOR IT WILL be all the time and challenge I do for people. Thank You And God BLESS!!!!!Gloria

  4. I do not know if my comment went through but the post I read today I have been through. Am going get to know themselves as a Victim t Survivor it will be all the time and challenge I will put into my book .After putting myself through 16yrs. of Therapy ,{head meds} I allowed myself to feel sad, hurt fear mad, the whole story is to long to type I was terribly abused as a child so I put myself into 16yrs of Therapy, it was extremely difficult but when am done w/my book if I can change just 1person to go from VICTIM-SURVIVOR IT WILL BE ALL THE EFFORT IT WILL BE ALL EXTREMELY AWESOME,God Bless GLORIA

  5. This has spoke volumes to me…… my husband of 47 years died very suddenly 15 weeks ago this has helped me so much Thankyou for your beautiful verses…….

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