Empty spaces.

If there’s empty spaces in your heart, they’ll make you think it’s wrong. Like having empty spaces, means you never can be strong. But I have learned that all these spaces, means there’s room enough to grow and the people that once filled them were always meant to be let go. And all these empty spaces, create a strange sort of pull, that attract so many people, you wouldn’t meet if they were full. So if you’re made of empty spaces, don’t ever think it’s wrong, Because maybe they’re just empty, until the right person comes along.


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  1. This Lesson is almost perfect….I think the last line should say “people” instead of “person”. <3

  2. The empty space is for the right person. The right person is the one that’s always been in my heart, who has been very kind to me, who has told me not to care for him but I still do, and the one I still keep waiting for.

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