Don’t tolerate disrespect.

The more chances you give someone the less respect they’ll start to have for you. They’ll begin to ignore the standards that you’ve set because they’ll know another chance will always be given. They’re not afraid to lose you because they know no matter what you won’t walk away. They get comfortable with depending on your forgiveness. Never let a person get comfortable disrespecting you.
~Trent Shelton

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  1. Unfortunately I can’t tolerate dis respecting for any one so I think when I respect my self anyone respect me immediately .

  2. Great quote, could you please add suggestions on how to cope with it.

    My ex treats me this way all the time, but I can’t just simply walk away. Because of our child, I have to constantly deal with him.

    He’s very manipulative and dominating.

    Please post something here, I think many others could benefit also.

    I read all of your quotes, but some need coping mechanisms on how to handle situations please.

    Thank you.

    p.s. This not my real name out of fear that he’ll retaliate against me. Sorry.

    1. Dear Kelly, There is a quote I can give you: “What you allow is what will continue” Meaning if you allow someone to disrespect you and treat you bad, they will continue to do it. No person should be dominated or manipulated. You deserve respect and so does your child. You deserve love and to be treated with kindness and care. This website is a not a source to find coping mechanisms or replace professional advise as I only provide quotes. Please do reach out to someone whom you trust or a with a reliable source for help. God Bless.

  3. Kelly im not an administrator/counsellor so take this as tips not 100% true etc but i do know emotional involvement can make seeing the wood from the trees difficult, couple steps may help

    1) knowingly WITHOUT expressing it verbally repeatedly to you ex accept you are finished participating in the relationship.He already knows hes just in denial… rise above it..he would not antagonise you if he wasnt trying to control/punish you for finishing it

    2) Begin to shut down /Limit CORRESPONDANCE with your ex,his family,friends for at least a few years….
    A)delete and block them from your facebook(you must delete and block them all in ten minutes) change your facebook name in account settings….if its ever mentioned say youre off facebook your accounts disabled…if found out say oops thought i deleted it etc etc….these people might be nice but you need head space

    B) Buy a cheap pay as you go phone(an old nokia no inet etc) solely for communicating with your ex…that way you can occassionally
    shut him out and communications just at weekends/when your free…you may need to keep your real phone outta sight and off for couple weeks until he gets used to this… and so his friends dont call ü on it either… either ways block them smartly…this will let you pick your fights and help you sleep at night!

    C)Set up a new email address for closed friends/family just say swapping to hotmail or gmail for better access…tell your ex your email address isnt letting you in you entered wrong password must get it sorted…. sometime soon;)

    The best solution is softly extracate yourself from the vicious cycle buying back your time politely is a benefit to everyone. By letting him know what youre doing or why hes always two steps ahead…learn to win nicely

    Physical Access: You need to arrange a day/times a week for visitation…if he cant make those days his loss(keep note of his access) if he tries to rearrange last minute he cant because you have other family arrangements sorry see him next time

    If hes coming over the threshold just make sure your childs 100% ready and waiting…he is your ex so he has visitation but not access rights to your house…again you neednt say ‘you cant come in’ just make it the norm your childs ready they go together..

    If hes paying child support cash etc try ask him for a direct bank payment get forms from the bank just suggest it in a helpful way etc….this may even suit him small weekly payments than lump sums but again it reduces ‘bargaining’..for you it keeps a court record how much he pays aswell(dont mention that)

    If he is manipulative and domineering you will get people saying stuff like hit him were it hurts, get aggressive etc… NOOO gently start to distance yourself, he cant manipulate your mutual fb friends if they arent there on your fb, he cant control phone conversations if your phone battery on your new phone keeps dieing.. oopsies;), he cant come in to your home if youre kids ready to leave,he can pay you in dribs and drabs but its not an argument

    Nb:join eg join a cinema group/ coffee group or join plenty of fish to just make friends you can do that….you are entitled to move on gracefully trust me any guilt he manipulates you with will disappear when he is with someone new/starts fresh… youll be left asking yourself why did i let him control communications, time,energy, resources… save that for you… because you matter…walking away is all you have left you have to start making subtle rules

    Hope that helps even parts take care kelly!;)

  4. I really like all quotes which wr shared on site
    I m heartly thankful for tht ii got enough courage for live a wonderful life….

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