Don’t tolerate disrespect.

The more chances you give someone the less respect they’ll start to have for you. They’ll begin to ignore the standards that you’ve set because they’ll know another chance will always be given. They’re not afraid to lose you because they know no matter what you won’t walk away. They get comfortable with depending on your forgiveness. Never let a person get comfortable disrespecting you.
~Trent Shelton

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  1. I so agree with this!!! Yes, we do teach people how to treat us. So many are entrapped by peoples attitudes, we need to be free, now is a good time. Your now is the beginning of your freedom.

  2. Sooooo true! Some people take advantage of your kindness, and especially of your great “Christian” way of forgiveness! This is sad! Because if there is one thing I know, that is: How can you expect God to forgive you, if you don’t forgive others??? Also, forgiving others for what they have done to you, will set “you” FREE! You can’t control other peoples behavior, but we CAN control our own behavior! You don’t have to submit to something that you know would be wrong for you, just to make someone else happy! Instead, if you truly love someone, just try to “show” them the correct way ….. hoping that they will ‘get it’ before it is too late!

  3. Actually we should try to be a person who can forgive others if they are really sorry…but we can’t allow everybody unless the person who hurt u is ur close to avoid getting hurt we have to make it clear to that person that u r not going to accept their disrespectful behavior again n again…moreover if a person in love then naturally he/she will accept rude n hurtful behaviour upto some extent

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