Don’t give up.

“Right now you might not feel the best you’ve ever felt, you might feel that things will never get better. But don’t give up. Tomorrow you might see something wonderful. The thing you’re worrying about may be resolved, You might have a good day tomorrow, you may smile. In a few years time the things that are making you feel like this will be forgotten about.”

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  1. Superficial seen an inspiring text. However no one will get my family back… Ever. Destroyed by and in an borderline outburst, just in a blink of an eye. She never looked back! Still acts as if she is the victim. My family, also her kids… For life emotional damaged!

  2. I know it has been over three years since he walked out and gets better but I still cry a lot.

  3. As I started to read this post I was starting to feel better, then I read the last line, it says in a few years things that are making me feel the way am feeling today in a few years will be forgotten about.IN A FEW YEARS! omg I pray this feeling will be gone by tomorrow! wow this is the first post that I fell very negative about because with Gods help this feeling will go away when I do my Prayers tonight. Gloria

  4. Dear Gloria, I just read your message and you know what> ? I’m sure with a prayer tonight it will make all the difference in the world and to ensure that it makes a really big difference, tonight when I say my prayers, I will include you. Your message really touched my heart and I hope with both of our prayers, that feeling will go away Gloria. <3 Brigitte

  5. Great advice, your posts are helpful. They’ve helped me get through difficult moments. Awesome advice.

  6. A few years time crawling by seconds at a time achingly through your heart and soul, do not move by with any amount of helpful speed. Not when you’ve been left behind by the person you thought was your soulmate and to whom you opened every corner of yourself to.

    And I’m sorry but pain and life lessons should not be forgotten about but remembered and learned from.

  7. I’m going thru difficult times right now. My heart was broken 2 years a go and I been sick mentally and emotionally until now which going thru depression, trying to get better . Thanks for amazing posts ! <3

  8. It’s new and so it aches. Tears roll down when I read such quotes. But then I know my prayers will help it fade sooner or later. The pain will lessen and hurt will be almost be forgotten.

    But will it ever go away completely? Closures, ability to forgive, answers .. What do I seek that I never have to open this chapter again?

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