Don’t feel sad

Don’t feel sad over someone who gave up on you, feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them.

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  1. I needed to see this insightful post today. I never give up on people ever, no matter what they do.To many people have rejected and given up on me, that is why I could never do that in return. The feeling of rejection is traumatic in the idea that you never forget it.

  2. So true. But it still hurts. I guess things like this happen to help us grow and to love without attachment.


  3. Absolutely….feel thankful it may not have been good for you and sorry because they missed out on the best person ever to be with!

  4. I, Jane logan am unable to access this Learned For Life. I would like to be on this wonderful website,Thanking You In Andvace.

    1. Hi Jane, on the home page, to your right, (Under the “find us on Facebook) there is a “Subscribe by Email”. Click on the orange “Subscribe” button to lead you to the page where you can enter your information to join the website. Thank you!

  5. Never wait on someone to make you happy make your self happy I have heard many people say I don’t know how sure you do step #1love God #2 Love,yourself,#3 love life, laugh, keep a smile on your face, if a person can’t bring you up don’t let them bring you down, Travel if you can everyday look your best whether you stay home, or leave for the day, be good to yourself

  6. This is very true. The initial pain is terrible, but your true friends quickly come to your aid and help you realize the truth in this statement.

  7. It’s really hurt when someone gve up on feels like you are not worth it to sad

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