Don’t feel sad over someone who gave up on you.

Don’t feel sad over someone who gave up on you, feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them.

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  1. This is for someone that I care and love and no matter what happens I will never give up on u. The person I am referring to u know who u r

    1. I’m right there with you girl…your comment to this quote, I would have said it the same my self.

  2. This is something I could learn from right now. If only it was so easy to let the emotion go though!

  3. Feeling yourfeelings. Ill never give up eithero on my certain person whom I love and care about so much tho that person doesn’t know how much. or how lucky he’d feel/be if knew &what he’s missing not being with me

  4. Am giving up because he gave up first. He’s a loser. I guess better now than later….sad but gotta be strong!

  5. I have a bad case of Bipolar right now. I have been very awful for 3 dsys. My imbalance issue completely out of control. I have tried to comment suicide twice. I don’t know what didn’t make me go through it. I really don’t know why I didn’t go through with it. For the last 5 years the pain is awful. I am being punished for all the things in the past I have done to my family. My entire family is ashamed of me but will not even give an inch to forgive.
    I completely understand ….my mother is way up into my poor twins devorce. I don’t expect anything from my family. I have been told it’s my fault as I accept all responsibility for all and that I have done. A phras . ‘ Black Sheep of the family is so right’ they all know of my Bipolar but I don’t get any support from anyone. I have one person that I can count on is Tommy. I don’t know how much more he can take because I am really a mess. My husband and I are on the last leg and I may be on our way to a divorce if I don’t get the help I need soon!
    We are waiting for BBC to get off their ass. I have been dealing 1with them for 5 facing years. I have been approved for depression a week or so ago. Well shit…how long does it take. Cap they made me wait for my Spinal fusion. I felt fine before the surgery taking my medication an was not deodeo>|

    1. Dear Denise, If your Bipolar moods are out of control and you are having a really hard time waiting for help, go to the hospital right away and ask to see a Crisis worker, or call the crisis line.
      Or call your family doctor and make an appt. You can tell your Doctor or the hospital how you have been feeling and don’t leave out that you’ve have suicidal thoughts. You need to talk to a professional right away. Your husband cannot help you once you’ve reached this point. Although please listen to anyone if they are trying to get you to see a doctor. When you in a depressive state or manic state, you need care right away. Don’t be hard of yourself for the things you’ve done. You have an illness and it’s not your fault.
      Be good to yourself. Brigitte

  6. Y do we feel like to give up. Y not to make it a perfect is full of lights are there to give brightness to dark room.

  7. Love yourself through all of it…good bad and ugly. Then be patient with yourself some more. When it’s too much to bear give it to God

  8. What do you do, when someone you love dies in front of you ? When it’s up to you to say, “let him go “, ” leave him alone”, give us some peace! ( like f**k off ), and you stay with him as long as you can (for hours), knowing that when you leave him, you’ll never see him again……. what do(I) do now ??????

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