Don’t feel alone anymore

“Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They’re lonely. They’re missing somebody. They’re in love with someone they probably shouldn’t be in love with. They have secrets you wouldn’t believe. They wish and they dream and they hope, and they look out the window whenever they’re in the car or on a bus or a train and they watch the people on the streets and wonder what they’ve been through. They wonder if there are people out there like them. They’re like you, and you could tell them everything and they would understand.

“And right now, they’re sitting here reading these words, and I’m writing this for you so you don’t feel alone anymore.”

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  1. Thank you…. I wish people were open and would reach out if they were near. We all have something to share with one another.

  2. Thank you everyone of my kind for understanding me and letting me know that im not alone anymore 🙂

  3. Discovered husband having affair 2 months ago, cant tell closest family or friends which is so hard…As Waiting to catch him and its agonising…..hopefully only a few more weeks..3-6 weeks and hope to confront him…. So hard not to scream it out to him especially when he talks about family commutment, decency etc, deceiving lying adulterer

    1. I have no idea how this must feel, but I’m sure it must be hard. I understand you want to scream it out. But at least you can write it down here. Take good care – Els

    2. Always take the high road when it comes to confrontation. He doesnt deserve to see the anger & hurt he is causing. These kind of people take pride in what they hide while they preach the opposite. I am in your shoes. And despite all the anger i HAD he will never never know. His punishment for what he did, is watching me live happily without him 🙂

  4. Wow – this has really warmed up my heart. Yes, I am in love with someone I shouldn’t be in love with. Yes, I feel lonely often. Yes, I’m wondering if there are people like me. So thank you for posting this 🙂

  5. I found out in March I have severe COPD and can no longer work, finding this out , my husband of 6 yrs took all the money out of the bank and left without a word , just left.I was devastated.Suffer from depression and about a week ago almost died, spent about 5 days in ICU.This experience changed my life in ways I can’t explain.My health is so much better but lam on oxyhen 24/7 for the rest of my life and l don’t eant to be alone the rest of my life.Any advice?

  6. Really true…. I admit… im in a deep pain right now… i really dont know what to do…wishing i can fast forward every minute and hours of the day…… 🙁

  7. You know me better than people beside me everyday. They just don’t care enough to see. Wish I had all of you that understand as my friend……care and concern to you all!

  8. …that’s very heartwarming. .. it feels good to know that somehow, somewhere, there’s someone who’s fully aware that there are people just like me… I’ve been through a lot of painful experiences and what’s more painful is the fact that no one really cares. ..

  9. Almost a year into our relationship she breaks up with me leaving me feeling numb lost and broken. I don’t know where to go from here

    1. I find only way to get through stuff is think of people that are or must be worse off than you. Look at me, at least yours is after a year, you can eventually go out and meet new people, me after15 years of marriage have discovered husband cheating most of marriage, now with two children and no job where do i go from here, but i will, we have to become independent, at least youve learnt at this early stage dont rely on anyone for your total happiness, you need to be able to be happy by things you do, whether its an activity or time with friends and relationship happiness will be a bonus

  10. I understand but when it ends because of a years with of abuse it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. I too was married for 15 years and had to leave because of his drug addiction do believe me life hasn’t been easy for me. I even lost my kids to the state because of his drug abuse and abuse in general.

  11. Someone said to me their needs were more important than the family we had created. I asked what their needs were and discovered I could never provide them and with the help of Susan Andersons Black Swan
    decided to be alone. For now and perhaps forever that is ok. We shall see but I know you will find your way if you read this.

  12. The comments realise me that there are so many lonely people. But I’m not alone in my loneliness.

    1. Hi Debbie, May I suggest you join something you like, examples; a club of interest, take classes at local university or college, or classes on hobby like painting, or yoga, the gym, something that interests you, do charity work, involve yourself in your community. Get out there! Like the quote reads: “‘No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up and never give up!” I wish you all the best, Blessings., Brigitte

  13. Thank you ! It means a lot. God Bless you whoever you are and wherever you are and whatever you have been through. Hope you find the strength to cope with whatever you are struggling with and find lasting peace and happiness.

  14. It hurts when u love too much and u cant have it in return..but i cant just leave…i want to fight foe my love but sometimes i ask myself if its worth fighting for.. 🙁

  15. My eight year old relationship ended up while my partner was going thru redundancy, frenzy drinking and abuses emotional and physical . I moved out be coz neither the kids or myself could take it anymore. It’s almost two months now that we are on speaking terms. The great discovery now is my so called best friend has been orchestrated the whole mess. She has all the time been pretending she doesn’t talk to me just to be able to fuel the saga between my partner and I. I take it with a smile and forgiveness, knowing the battle is not mine but God’s

  16. The brevity of life makes it painful to be spending it with someone who does not care.

    I have been wanting to walk away but neved did because i wanted to believe there is hope and that someday he will change but even the hardest rock gets shaped by a consitent wave.

    I am letting go

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