Don’t change yourself.

For those that feel that being kind hearted to people got you nothing but rejection and hurt, do not let that change the person that you are. If you are a thoughtful person who does nice things, don’t stop just because these people failed to see the goodness inside you.  It’s their reaction or lack of response that is the problem, not yours. Don’t change yourself. They need to change. They need to work on themselves. Keep being the wonderful kind you. ~Brigitte Nicole

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  1. This is exactly me. Kind hearted to people but got nothing but rejection & hurt. My bf ended our 6yrs relationship almost a month now. I’m always good to him. Never cheated on him. It’s over but he’s still stays at my place. Sleep in same room & same bed. He’s been torturing me every single day with his silent treatment. Not talking to me at all. Tried talking to him. He would just answer me yes,no or nothing. Despite the way he’s been treating me i still make his breakfast every morning and dinner served when he gets home from work. I still do his laundry. I used to say thank you for breakfast or dinner. goodbye or see you later. No more thank you or goodbye. I’m not doing this to get him back. This is me….kind to people.

    1. Dear Bizarrelove, I don’t usually give advise to people but when I read your message on my website I had to write you. Your boyfriend doesnt deserve you. he is not treating you with the respect you deserve. And one important thing is you are teaching him how to treat you. Every time you allow him to treat you bad and every time you stay in this relationship, you are sending these messages to him: ” Keep giving me the silent treatment, it’s okay, I will take it, Keep disrespecting me, I will stay and I will still do your laundry and cook for you.”
      That is not Kindness, that is being a doormat. Kick him out! You deserve better.href=””>

  2. Thanks Brigitte. I really appreciate your advice. Made me cry when I read it. I’ve been reading quotes from your site for the past few days. A lot of them made me really think especially the quote “do not tolerate disrespect “. It’s hard for me because I can’t tell my family what I’m going through. If they found out they will kick him out. By the way…he stays with me at my parents house. He has his own place but he stays here. He still pic me up and drop me to work with my car.Sent him a text because he’s not around on weekends anymore. I told him my parents will be on vacation for 2 months a week from now. I told him to he can move all his belongings then.If he needs help let me know. My car stays with me. He didn’t reply on my text. I stop crying so much for a week now. I think my tears dried out.

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