Don’t beg: when to walk away from someone.

Don’t beg: when to walk away from someone

Many people will go to great lengths and put up with a lot of hardship to keep their significant other around, or to try and keep the interest of a potential partner. If they’re not good enough for you, if they don’t value you like they should, or if they’re not interested – move on.

Too many people make the mistake of staying with a partner that isn’t good for them. Sometimes, this is because it’s too painful to let the relationship go after they’ve invested so much time and energy into it. Other times it’s because they genuinely think that their partner will be able to change for the better. It’s understandable – ending a relationship can be an extremely distressing experience, especially when you depend on your partner for emotional, financial or practical support, or you fear their reaction.



Life is too short

The hard-to-swallow truth is that life is far too short to waste spending time with the wrong person. Knowing if your partner is a good or bad presence in your life can be frustratingly hard to figure out, however – our brains can make it extremely hard to think clearly and rationally at times. We tend to focus more on the positives and less on the negatives, even if there’s more of them and even if they’re nothing short of awful to an outside observer. Love can be a powerful drug.

The same holds true for people dating or chasing a potential partner. If they’re not being consistent with you, if they’re on and off, or hot and cold – just walk away. Best case scenario, they like you and are playing mind games (something which just isn’t done by emotionally mature people), and worst case – they’re just not that into you. Regardless, if someone isn’t willing to be open and honest about their feelings, to talk about things in an adult and mature manner, then you’re almost certainly better off without them.


How to tell if your partner is right for you

If you can’t be yourself – your true self, around them. If they ever intentionally make you feel nervous or scared, or if they think little about you and your feelings before they make decisions that affect you. If they’re ever callous or cruel towards you, or disrespectful. If they don’t put equal effort and commitment in to the relationship – if it’s unbalanced. If any of these things are true about your relationship, the truth is that they’re probably just not right for you.



If they’re not? Walk away

Life is too short to be with someone who doesn’t deserve you, or to chase someone who doesn’t see how special you are. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone learns from them. Don’t wait around for a change that may or may not ever come. Live your life for you. Don’t beg, don’t give in to the feeling that you can’t make it alone and that you need someone else in your life to be happy. Walk away.


Written by Maverick, Staff writter.

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  1. I have already moved on. Shut your dirty mouth dog. I want to Spit on your face…. May your family never be forgiven. Never.

    But enough of walking away in silence. You don’t seem to end playing with me.

    Dirty dogs!!!!

    Having done everything how shameless you can be to even write further. Bloody bastards…

    Run away dog otherwise it’s tough for you. Be ready to face me in your family presence. And accept what you wrote in this blog and everywhere else. Coward dog…thoooooo.

  2. Sadly some people never realise a good thing until its too late, if someone truly loves you they will move heaven and earth to be with you, never allow someone to take you for granted, walk away with your head held high

  3. Yea moving on from all this started out great then went down hill fast from drug abuse to not having a thyroid to holding on to anger from past to depression anxiety bipplar. I will always love this poor messed up woman but I will have to from a distance. Will always keep her in my prayers tho.

  4. What’s holding you back is the family that you build for years. Hard to do especially when you know children would be affected. Your children’s happiness over your own freedom and happiness

  5. A lot of us in bad relationships know we are in bad relationships. Everyone tells us to just leave, but never gives us the resources or answers on how. If we are married we fear leaving because we will lose our homes, the only families we have, or fear paying alimony to a deadbeat husband who refuses to work. I’m sure you meant your article to be encouraging. What would be better is if you had guided some of us to the resources we need to be able to leave.

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