Don’t be so hard on yourself. Slow down. Breathe.

Don’t be so hard on yourself for not having it together all the time, for not knowing all the answers. You don’t always have to be sure of who you are, otherwise there’ be nothing left to discover. You don’t have to know where you’re headed or have a clear vision of the bigger picture. Sometimes taking one tiny step at a time is more than enough. Sometimes slowing down just to feel the wind blow against you is the beauty of life right there. Wander, be unsure when it is natural to be. Let yourself breathe. We’re all rushing for no reason anyway.
–S.C Lourie

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  1. When I was young, I always thought I knew myself well. But when I grew up and understand how life in this world really exists, I realized that no person know him/herself completely and perfectly. In each day, I discover a part of a new me. and at the end of each day, I always have the realization of what I supposed to do which left undone. But I never get disappointed with myself because I know well that as a person, I am subject to mistakes in order to learn. Sometimes I think how long my life stick on same state but I never tired of going on because I know things will fall into place when it’s the perfect time. Life is always great especially if we have to understand its nature! God designed such so perfectly!

  2. if only i had read this before i gave up live no longer holds any meaning except the hope to prevent others feeling this way

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