Defend yourself.

I know you. You’re the one wearing that smile, even though last night you barely slept. Your selfies tell a different story, the one you don’t want others to know. Happiness on the surface but there’s pain in your soul. I think the world of you. The way you stand upright, refusing to fall. You walk through the madness and if you had to, you’d crawl. So, to the strongest souls I know, to the one’s reading this now. When the world throws it’s punches, defend yourself and adjust your crown.

~r.h.Sin ( For her, For you)

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  1. Thank you its hard to hide the pain that is braking my heart see the Love my husbad and i once shared has died and now we just do the routeen of a man and wife who have no longer the heart of one but has divided back into two individuals own hearts

  2. That is what my husband wanted me to do. To live with another man not caring about his decision, words and what it means. Just ensured i have to be broken because he was. He still does not realise who’s plot he fell a prey for. Thats the respect I had… I have.

    He would one day realise what i said is true and pray that God shows him not me, all the truth. Someday, somehow by some means. Because truth always win… maybe late.

    Not all girls are immature, yes there are some. Why cant guys think about it… that what if it is true. Will they be able to accept their decisions later on ?

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