Choosing me.

I just want somebody who will never stop choosing me.


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  1. You were born to be real. Not to be perfect.YOU”RE here to be you,not to be what someone else wants you to be. Stand up for yourself.look them in the eye, and say”DON”T JUDGE ME UNTIL YOU KNOW ME!DON’T UNDERESTIMATE ME UNTIL YOU’VE CHALLENGED ME, and don’t talk about me until you’ve talked to me!

  2. “You have permission to walk away from anything that does not feel right. Trust your INSTINCTS.andLISTEN to your inner VOICE-IT’S TRYING TO PROTECT YOU!

  3. I choose you every day even in the thoughts moments.But I cared for taking you out of me.So you could choose yourself either.

    1. Likewise commenter Petya….so nice principle…worth an admiration….my salute to your straightforward and honest comments….great

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