Choice: That was the thing.

“He loved her, of course, but better than that, he chose her, day after day. Choice: that was the thing.” ― Sherman Alexie

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  1. Yes it was my choice to love and stay till death us part. Raising the kids, being loving parents, taking your responsibility towards them and your partner, one day being grandparents (together of course). However the disorder always wins… Than family, kids are objects for a Borderline, so she made a choice too, in an ultimate outburst, for only herself…

  2. We all have a Choice, sometimes that turns out to be not the better choice. Regardless, it’s called responsibility, when you choose behavior, choose consequences. I, too, chose to take my vows very seriously, deep in my heart, I know I tried. Bottom line, you can’t make ppl be anything other than what they choose. He actually did me a favor, I know I deserve better, would have never done anything diff had he not shown me, time after time, that is his true colors, it’s who he is, so yes, I then made the Choice, no more…

  3. We all have a choice when we’re in relationships in how we act with are partners outside,inside, In private…we have a choice how we treat them. Even if we have had and been trested perfectly we still need to strive to make that person know and make them feel special like no one has be4 and do the same if we have been heart broken,damaged (Cheated on),we should not treat them imperfectly no matter what are past is and love like youve never been hurt.its hard through
    My exwife had a choice and she chose the wrong one.She done me favor but im struggling to trust and to let go but just recently in the last few days i have been able to. Ive Met this amazing girl almost two months and were so inlove but cause of my past hurt and pain ive been hurting her cause i WAS finding it hard to trust her even thought shes been thur the same and even worse. But shes helped me and been there thur my struggles and i belive she always will. Completely amazing person. She finds it hard and told me and communicated to me that im hurting her but she still understands. That’s it though i told her it would all stop and i believe it has. We both have are insecurities but we help each other thur it in love. Were each others rocks and we comment each ect…all i wanna say lynnlee is ive never ever thought i would meet someone like you or even be able to love again.
    Thank you babes youve no idea what you have done for me and my life. I love you dearly…..

    Paul xxx

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