By accident.

No one is sent by accident to anyone.

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  1. Yes I agree What ever reason I can’t understand it . But it’s now figure the purpose I know in a year it’s feeling

  2. Hello! Thank you! This gave me a good thought! Not by accident that is good to hear. The rhought makes my heart sining. Just to know that it was meant to be. What does it feel like. It feels good intense in my heart. I want this I don’t want the insecurities. I want to think like this. I want this. Let this be take the fear. Be proud. Believe in magic. See the truth. This is what you wanted all your life. Don’t mess it up. Cuz this is what you want. And you be happ with you. And if flows love there is no accident
    Thanks for caring
    I love you

  3. Granting you and I came to know each other virtually…

    am hereby saying You were the best accident that ever happened to me….for a reason…

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