Believing in yourself.

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on its wings. “Always believe in yourself.”

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  1. Thank you sooooo much! This sure does really help ALOT! You have NO IDEA the absolutely RIDICULOUS, SOMETIMES HORRIFYING things they put me through!
    They just happened to be doing a segment on C-Span on “HATE CRIMES”, BULLYING, etc., etc…. Thank God! It is RIGHT ON TIME too …. for me! If I have to, at least I know I have some avenues to turn to for help! The local government offers NO KIND OF HELP what-so-ever (they are actually part of it)! So, looks like we have to go FEDERAL with this!

    I just hope, wish and PRAY that we, here in the U.S.A. would just come to be peaceful, loving, respectful and NON-DISCRIMINATING, as it so says in our US Constitution which many, many US Citizens TOTALLY IGNORE!

    So, so Sad!


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