Believe those that show love.

Don’t believe those who tell you they love you, believe those who show you they do.

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  1. As a male who believes I do show it but am told I don’t please tell me three things that women are looking for to “show” we men love them? PS I have done gifts, love letters, secret messages, cooking, gardening, shopping, quietly watching movies, talked for hours and listened intently, offered support and not advice, opened up my greatest fears and loves given back and neck and foot rubs and waited for her before my pleasure.

    Am stumped 🙁

    1. Dear Glenn, You have showed your love in many glorious ways. Keep loving and being the wonderful person that you are. It is the person receiving your love who has failed to appreciate it or who was not ready to accept what you had to offer. Again, keep being the loving person that you are. Someday someone is going to be very blessed to have you in their life. Brigitte

    2. Hi please don’t change, you are just almost perfect.I say almost because no one is perfect,not even me.It must be “SHE” who is having an issue with her definition of LOVE. Rosy

  2. Glen,

    I agree with Brigitte and have a very close friend of mine that’s had to finally let go of someone he loves very much because he just could do no right anymore 🙁 Most women would give anything to be with a man that gives so much x

  3. As a guy who’s spouse of 18 years and 20 years together simply gave up and ended our marriage by Adultery, saying our life together was a disappointment, while I had my misses… I put her on a pedestal for years till I finally felt alone, unloved and Litterally overwhelmed. She ended up drunk and passed out and cut me down right in front of the guy she ultimately moves in with before even filling for divorce. What started near the end of September in 2013.. now on this date she moves out into an Apt. And text’s me that she still loves me and can’t live without me… yet there remain NO actions to her words !! No showing the ULTIMATE I’m sorry!
    Am I being to selfish to expect her to show me TRUE love, that in her mind and words she asks if I truely FOUGHT for her??
    After almost 2 more months… no words or actions pour from her soul… only excuses to satisfy her reasons.

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