Being deeply loved.

Fall in love with your best friend. Someone you can talk to about anything and know they’ll hold no judgement. Someone who knows the darkest parts of you and loves you anyway, that knows all your flaws and loves you not in spite of them but because of them. Not someone that you can’t live without, but someone that you don’t want to live without. Someone that you want to experience all of life’s ups and downs with. Someone who will hold your hand through the worst times of your life. When they see you at your worst, when you’re broken, and they don’t run away but help you put the pieces back together. Now that’s real love.


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  1. Love is work and school will never be out.. I will do my best to keep us going in the right direction.. Holding hands each step of our journey..hold my handvwhen I get scared. When the words don’t comevas easily as they should. And I’ll be the woman that is protecting u in your struggles.. I’ll fight but I’d rather not go to that place protect family yes..

  2. Every miss step in life I have made, I hand a hand to hold. Never the right hand. Left. Hands were quickly retreated.My heart turned out to be the only appendage I could rely on. My head overruled.thankfully. the Right hand, heart, and with our collective minds. He and I will hold hands between ourselves. Neither pulling left or right.hands on our hearts. Souls intertwined.

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