Behavior never lies.

The truth is that I don’t Have trust issues. I’m just very aware. I’m not pessimistic. I’m just realistic. I’ve seen human behavior At its best and worst. So now I just sit back  And observe.
I’ll never fall victim to words, Because it’s really about Behavior. Behavior never Lies. Words can’t be true. -Sylvester McNutt

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  1. The above words resonate with me right now. I suffered with the behaviour of my son and his wife. Wasnt included in any prep of his wedding. Couldnt even ask a question as to whar her mother was wearing to wedding, ie colours. Told at last minute not to wear a hat or bring confetti. Wasnt given the option to bring a partner or friend with me. Had to sit at big table with my grandson. Was shouted down about wanting to ask some questions re what the other mother was wearing as it turned out we both turned up wearing the exact same outfits.!! I was even approached by a guest who asked did we plan it.! Then baby arrives and I wasnt allowed up to see her for about six weeks. I asked if I could bring my mobile fone for some pics and was told no in no uncertain terms.I only got to see her on average about 3 times in the first year despite the fact I live 20 minute walk from them. After her mother left to go back home to Russia I offered to take the baby out for a walk in her pram. I was ridiculed for asking all of this by my son.
    He then stopped answering his fone to me and my teenage grandson who adored him. Im afraid one time I got his answer machine and just let rip. I saw red and used words to hurt him as his actions had hurt me. He now has a good excuse not to talk to me. He has moved address and dont know where he lives. Il be honest the person I miss the most is my beautiful clever little grandaughter. And the way it looks I might never see her again. So my words will now be held against me while he thinks its ok to treat me like a second class citizen.x
    So thank you for pointing out the differences in the above article.x

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