Before you argue with someone.

Before you argue with someone, ask yourself, is that person even mentally mature enough to grasp the concept of different perspectives? Because if not, there’s absolutely no point.

– Amber Veal

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  1. Why would any mentally mature person enter a conversation with the intent of arguing.

    Says more about the mental maturity of the person to be a 5 year old to do such a thing.

  2. According to my therapist, the point is to Speak Your Truth, then walk away from the conversation if the other person persists. I recently had to speak my truth with a woman ignorantly complaining about rape victims because she was being offensive IN MY HOME.

    1. And you were within your right, I had a man to tell me in my home that women loved to be raped, as a rape victim of multiple rapes, I lost my ish

  3. You must think everyone is correct and your are always wrong,g jonez.. There is no other way you’ve never argued with someone. A verbal disagreement is an argument. I’m arguing with you right now g jonez. Now that we’ve both shared a perspective on this issue, we can, like adults, argue our positron some more.

  4. True enough, though with the exception: there is the old role modelling obligation at gatherings when bigoted ranting person launches into their pet peeves. If others engage it and argue a bit intentionally, it is NOT actually FOR the set in their ways ranter. It is so the youth know there are alternate opinions. It is so the vulnerable know someone will come to their defence. (I fear I am guilty of not arguing intentionally for the sake of vulnerable 3rd parties, often enough)

  5. Nobody will ever see eye to eye on everything. Healthy discussion is good to get viewpoints from different perspectives, and if you cannot come to a resolution, one can agree to disagree.

    In the 1980s, President Ronald Reah=gan and House Speaker Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill did not agree on everything but could sit down together and have a beer afterward. Compare that to our present political situation, where acrimony reigns…

  6. Perspectives are subjective and cannot be argued… like which flavor of ice cream is best. But demonstrable, empirical facts are either facts, or they’re not. There’s nothing more maddening than attempting to discuss an issue with someone who is making up their own “alternative” facts that aren’t in evidence.

  7. Argument is essential for rational and democratic approach to any issue with an aim to find out an optimal solution. We arr able to see the other side of the coin with reflective response from the other person. But the words are told in a different context. It is essential to know if the other person(s) is (are) capable enough to participate in the subject under discussion. If an advocate attempts to put his neck on a point of argument as to ‘what should be the criteria for 5g capable hand held devices as a broad guidelines’, what can you expect on the outcome? Is it worth continuing?

  8. There is always a point. The only purpose in acquiring knowledge or reasoning is to use it, otherwise it is wasted on those who are already knowledgable and reasonable.

  9. NEVER. bother to argue with a Narcissist.
    They will turn everything logic you thought and said -to back yourself up and they will copy and past every single word you spoke and then throw it all back at you and use it (like a mirror) as if your thoughts and words were their idea ….and YOUR blame

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