Been there for everyone.

Sometimes the person who has been there for everyone else, needs someone to be there for them.

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  1. This statement is so true usually the one who needs someone to be there for them does not even realize they need someone until they feel down and heavy hearted .

  2. Totally agree. I have always been there for my family and friends but when I need someone there’s no one. Maybe the problem is with me, I often hide my sorrows behind my smile. But never they have asked me if I am well. Sad but true.

    1. I can relate. Whenever someone comes to me to vent or for a shoulder to lean on I am always there for them. I have no problems with that because that is all I be there for others when they need help. When roles reverse, I often hold myself back from asking for help. I don’t want to overburden others. I guess it would be nice to have someone just listen.

  3. Be grateful. Not all of us are called to be this kind of person. I have found that in the times that I really needed someone there for me, often times I have pushed it away. Whether consciously or un-consciously. It is in my soul to comfort others. I have come to accept that.

  4. Yes no man is an island! if you feel alone and need help and noone could really possibly help you…. just pray! GOD is always there thats why you had given enough for those who needed you! The bountiful GOD who has everything, who has enough. Just kneel, ask and pray! Always be thankful and dont regret cause GOD knows , sees and care!

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